Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Repurposed Art

Have an old torn up book or beat up sheet music? Great. Have white school glue or mod-podge? Super. Hmm, have a canvas? Me neither. But an old open frame and fabric stretched over it works great.
Let your artistic whims take flight and glue your little heart out. The finished product is a unique personalized piece of art to hang on your wall or give to a friend. Go ahead... create!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Starter Pots for the Garden

Do you go out and buy those flimsy plastic starter pots? Or even the more spendy biodegradable kind or terracotta? Why not save time and money by using something you have already? Tin cans! Most 15oz cans are just the right height and width to plant your starts in before transferring them to the ground. Just poke drainage holes in the bottom of the can, and go to town! These "pots" won't shatter if dropped, crumble when overly wet, or split apart after one use. If you do not wish to save and reuse them, just rinse and recycle! Your plants will love it. Your pocketbook will love it. And the environment will love it. Happy planting!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Springtime is Garden Time!

  Garden, garden... who has a garden? I hope you answered, "I do! I do!" When you plant your own garden, you reap so many benefits- physical, mental, and spiritual. Seriously.
  Do you know what was used to fertilize your produce? What pesticides were used? Did that farmer rotate the crops to get maximum nutritional value? Is it local? Grow it yourself, and you would know the exact answers to these questions. Using organic supplies and rotating where you grow your produce gives the soil a chance to replenish needed nutrients to give that produce the maximum available nutrition to pass on to you. Your body will thank you for it.
  Feeling stressed? Go weed! Dig! Plant! By being productive while using physical excursion not only gives a sense of accomplishment, but is a great DE-stressor. You will feel more relaxed and mentally able to cope. Being in the sunshine also has a factor in this too. Soak in the Vitamin-D and be happy!
   Getting in touch with nature (in whatever form you take it) is a spiritual experience. You are connecting with what God has created for you and working with the most primitive and intimate form of life. You have faith that the seeds you have planted will grow and be fruitful. You have faith that the fruit will be good. You have to trust that the weather will cooperate and there will not be an infestation of destructive pests. These are all spiritual experiences.
  So whether you have an in ground, planter box, or any garden in between, just make sure you get something going. Your body, mind, and pocket-book will thank you!