Monday, November 1, 2010

Toilet Paper Roll Pillow Box Favors

I got this idea from a TV show called "She's Crafty" on the ION Life Network. I have totally been saving my rolls instead of chucking them in the recycling bin. What they are are party favor containers for treats.
NO PESKY RIBBONS TO TIE OR CURL! The pics are ones I found online to show how creative you can get with these little pillow boxes!
Here's what you do:
self-adhesive shelving paper
ink pad (archival ink)
scrapbook paper and glue dots (optional, may use water based ink if using paper)

Cut the shelving paper to the size of the tube, allowing for a slight seem overlap. Peel the backing off the adhesive strip and wrap roll (be careful to align properly!). You may choose to stamp on scrapbook paper then glue it to the tube, or stamp directly onto the shelving paper. It all depends on what look you're going for. Push one side down on an end of the tube. Roll over and repeat so one end of the tube is completely folded over and closed. It should like an open pillow box. Fill with stuffers. Fold and close other end and viola! Inexpensive, eco-friendly, personalized party favors!